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We have  taught hundreds of people & companies how to use social media for there business.


Now it's your turn. We've designed an affordable solution for you to learn from the pro's just how they promote themselves and/or there companys on line. No more trial and error. No more high expensive Adwords or Facebook campaigns that go nowhere. Learn easily and at your pace. Best part-- you don't have to be  yourself. You'll have a mentor to ask quetions and provide social media guidance if you so choose.

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    Free Membership – Enjoy a simple sign-up which gives you access to our library of PDF”s social media material. Great for beginners who are just getting into Social Media.

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     Our Bronze Plan is $9.95 per mo and is loaded with expanded benefits beyond the free membership with videos and training material designed by some the best trainers in the industry. Again learn at your pace. Buy Here

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    Our Silver Plan is $37.00 Per Mo and really ramps you up for a jump start. While you enjoy all the material of the first two plans;  we personnally review your social media page(s) with you (via E-mail) & provide suggestions on what could be done differantly to enhance your vistors experience. Your page are reviewed quarterly. Buy Here

  • Gold Membership

    Our Gold Plan is $74.00 Per Mo and  provides it EVERYTHING ABOVE and INCLUDES TWO one-on-one consultatons via phone or Skype per month to discuss your social media goals and provide more guidance. We’ll even brainstorm brand management  ideas. Buy Here

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A Marketing Specialist will contact you twice a month to review your progress